Monday, June 16, 2014

Study Abroad Spain - Snails

During our time in Spain my roommate and I have been fortunate enough to be placed with a host family that was generous enough to show us how true Spaniards eat. While in Sevilla, our host mom not only took us out to traditional Spanish restaurants, but she also cooked us very traditional Spanish meals. For example, during our last week in Sevilla we went to a restaurant that specialized in snails. Being from the United States snails were not an ideal finger food to consume. It took a little grit to get over the fact that we were eating snails. Once our host mom found out that we thoroughly enjoyed the snails, she decided to cook a large dinner that revolved around a very large pot of snails. To be honest, it was the best meal that my roommate and I had the pleasure of eating during our time in Sevilla. Although our time in Sevilla has come to an end, I look forward to being able to continue trying different traditional Spanish foods while in Valencia. 

-Hayden Gamarra, Biology major, Oscar Company

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