Friday, June 6, 2014

Study Abroad Spain - Seville

We asked the head of each of our study abroad programs to have their students write about some of things they are seeing and learning about abroad. Our group from Spain is sharing about their travels in Seville.

¡Hola a todos! The past week in Sevilla has been absolutely enchanting. After classes we have plenty of free time (with the exception of siestas of course) to wander the city and absorb as much as possible. The first day of class we were given a tour that took us throughout the various barrios of Sevilla so we could become better acquainted with the city. We saw some gorgeous views on the ground and some even more impressive ones on top of La Torre de Oro, an old tower that was a prison during the Middle Ages that overlooks the Guadalquivir River. We were also able to take a walk around La Catedral de Santa María de la Sede, a beautiful Gothic cathedral that happens to be the third largest church and the largest cathedral with a sitting bishop in the world. Pride for España was evident from the many flags and other patriotic symbols we saw, including numerous statues of famous matadores and toreros, or bullfighters.
                With only one more week in Sevilla until we travel to Valencia for the remaining two weeks, we are eager to continue experiencing all that Sevilla has to offer. There are more sights to be seen, more pictures to be taken, more fun to be had, and more cuisine to enjoy. ¡Adiós!

- Kaiya Narayan, Senior, Criminal Justice & Modern Languages major, Band Company

One of the places that I visited while in Seville was the Cathedral. It was one of the most magnificent things that I have ever seen. The Cathedral in Seville was one of the largest structures that I have seen in person, and one of the most detailed. I saw the Cathedral while on a small tour of Seville and it took my breath away. Not only is the Cathedral a work of art, but it also a piece of history. One interesting fact that I learned since I have been here in Seville is that Christopher Columbus is buried within the Cathedral, and if you go inside you are able to see his tomb and where he was laid to rest.  Another interesting fact about the Cathedral that I learned is that looking at the Cathedral you are able to notice that there are there different types of architecture that makeup the tremendous structure. The three different architect types that can be seen on the Cathedral are Roman, Arabic, and Gothic. I know that I have stressed the fact that the Cathedral is an absolutely mind rattling structure in the terms of beauty and history, but if I had to recommend you see one thing while you are in Seville it would be the Cathedral. It was one of my favorite things that I encountered on my adventure to Seville.

- Josh Terry, Junior, Computer Science major, Kilo Company

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