Friday, June 6, 2014

Jacob in Ecuador - Week 1

I cannot believe that it is already Friday, I have been having so much fun that this week has flown by! I’m not going to lie and say that class has been fun, but I have already learned so much about the language. I am now a fluent listener, but I still need a little work with the speaking part. Surprisingly, I have learned the most outside the classroom through exploring the city and talking with the Quito natives. Andres and I decided to join a gym near our house, and we have already made a group of friends through working out. It is so interesting to learn how these people view life, which is completely different than the average North American. I have come to appreciate living in the United States so much more than I did before. Throughout the week I learned about Ecuador’s Socialist government and I have interacted with people who tell me what it is like living here. Though Quito is a nice city, there is much poverty. We are truly blessed to live in the land of the free.
            On Wednesday our group went on a tour of the historic center here in Quito. I was amazed by the precise architecture of the many churches and government buildings that we saw. My favorite part of the night was seeing the statue of the virgin that overlooks the city of Quito. It is said that the statue protects the city from evil, and the statue is of an angel standing over a serpent. The statue is on a mountain and it was very foggy when we went so I was unable to get a good picture. However I plan on going back when I have free time so I can get some awesome pictures and a view of the city.
            There has not been a dull moment since the moment I closed my laptop after finishing my last entry. Quito has quite the nightlife, and a very modern movie theatre and mall. I have been going to the gym everyday with Andres and Dominique Calderone. We all have to go to LDAC shortly after we get back, and we are going to be in awesome shape. We are just now getting fully acclimated to the high altitude, and we can walk to school and back without losing our breath.

            Tomorrow we are heading to the baños, which is a very popular tourist attraction in Ecuador. There will be waterfalls, hot springs, and great views! We are spending two days there and I am very excited to go. Our instructors are very fun and they make sure that we have a good time! I am starting to wish that I had more than one month in Quito because there is so much to see and do. 

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