Friday, June 28, 2013

Brenn in France - Paris

Brenn was able to see many of the historic and beautiful sites of Paris. He is also a wonderful photographer and was able to capture these photos of the city below.
Ecole Militaire in Paris
Tour de Effiel in Paris
Ecole Militaire via Tour de Effiel
Brenn in front of the Arc de Triumphe

Notre Dame in Paris

Meet our Students Abroad

The following four students were the recipients of the 2013 School of Humanities & Social Sciences International Study Award. Each was helped financially to be able to experience a once in a lifetime trip abroad. We will share parts of all of their trips here. We encourage you to follow along. 

Brenn Ritchie
Major in Political Science
Concentration in International Military Affairs
4.0 GPA
Veteran student
Previously deployed to Japan, Thailand, the Phillippines, East Timor and Australia
Aspires to be commissioned as an officer in the United State Marine Corps
Study Abroad Program in FRANCE

Jennifer Burch
Double Major in Political Science and Criminal Justice
3.82 GPA
Citadel Honors Program; Model Arab League team
Plans to pursue a Masters Degree in International Affairs
Aspires to be a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Department of State
Study Abroad Program in ECUADOR

     Nolan Moore
Major in History
        3.448 GPA
        Regimental Band and Pipes; Army Contract; squad sergeant; work study student
        Aspires to be an Army officer, specializing in humanitarian projects
        Study Abroad Program in SRI LANKA

     Benjamin Gordon
Major in Psychology
        3.565 GPA
        Aspires to work with Psychological Operations in Military Intelligence
        Study Abroad Program in ECUADOR