Thursday, June 19, 2014

Study Abroad Spain - Plaza de Espana

This week my classmate and I were exploring Sevilla and noticed two high towers. We thought this must be a church but instead stumbled upon Plaza de Espana. This is an extremely tall, large and grand building. It has tower large towers on either end of a grand square. The building itself curves around a pond. To get to the building you have to cross over one of the bridges that are well painted with whites and blues. In the center of the plaza there is a large fountain that has many unique designs carved into it. There are two floors to the building both with very high and decorated ceilings. The plaza was made showing the different provinces of Spain with a map of the region and a painting of something famous that has happened in their history. This is along the right wing of the Plaza. It was constructed in the 20s and I’m not sure if it has any practical purpose or if this grand palace was constructed to show of the pride in each of Spain’s provinces. The plaza has been used for two movie sets that I know of these are the dictator and Star Wars. They make the plaza appear like it has a lot more Arabic influence then it truly does in the dictator adding large domes and adding people with Waydian flags. 

Jonathan Eveler, Junior, Criminal Justice major, Palmetto Battery Company

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