Monday, June 30, 2014

Study Abroad Spain - El Oceanogràfico

Valencia is an absolutely beautiful city. It is very different from Seville. I would say Valencia is a more modern city because Seville had more historical sights whereas Valencia seems more like a tourist attraction. This week in Valencia I took a tour of the city like we did in Seville and learned a little history about it. 

I also went to El Oceanogràfico (Aquarium) and El Museo de las Ciencias (Museum of Science). I live right near both of these attractions so I pass them every day on the way to school and the view from the bridge is amazing. I went to the museum on Thursday. It was so much fun interacting with the science experiments. I felt like a kid again! It was four floors of non-stop fun and experimenting. The aquarium on Saturday was even more fun because it is one of the largest in the world. It is all outdoors except for some exhibits which is an interesting touch. We even got to see a dolphin show! 

So far, it has been a fun-packed trip. I could write forever about how much I love Spain. I kind of don’t want to go back home but I guess I have to. I am definitely going to see all that I can see during this last week in Valencia.

- Joshua Dvorak, Sophomore, Computer Science major, Band Company

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