Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Study Abroad Spain - All Things Seville

After living in Seville for two weeks, I had seen and done most everything that the city had to offer. I had gone to all the major sights such as La Catedral, The Archivo General de Indias, Plaza de Espana, and the amazing view that the Metropol Parasol had to offer. 

When I wasn't in class, which was only four hours each day, I was out meeting other students from around the world or playing soccer at a local recreation center. Normally we would get a group of people from our own school to play a couple games of soccer, but eventually we got to know some locals from Seville and started a couple pick up games with them. 

Personally my favorite part of being in Seville was getting to know a lot of different people my age from all over the world and learn about how they see things it seemed like a very large melting pot for students to travel and study. 

As for the food in Seville, I without a doubt tried some of the most delicious dishes and tapas during my stay such as Rabo de Toro, Pulpo, Jamon, Navajas, and Txpirones, which I would have never been exposed to or had a chance to try without visiting Spain. 

My host mother in Seville also made a lot of common dishes of Spain, for instance Tortilla Espanol, Paella, and Gazpacho. After dinner, which was usually around 9:00pm, I would head out to see the night life of Seville with new friends I made from different countries, and needless to say we always found something to do or a place to relax and talk about the differences from our own countries and customs. 

My time in Spain has encouraged me to travel as much as I can whenever I have the opportunity to, and it has helped me to better appreciate the things I have back in the United States.

- James Grimm, Junior, Political Science major, Bravo Company


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