Friday, July 19, 2013

Nolan in Sri Lanka - Weekend Adventures

Week 2 - Weekend Adventures
A couple of my new friends from Hong Kong and I had an awesome time on Saturday. Altogether we visited four sites:

Oak – Ray Isiwara Ayurvedic Village, The Spice Garden – here we learned about many different natural herbs and spices that are used in cosmetics, medicines and other products. We saw all kinds of different plants and trees as well. I invested in two bottles of natural hair removing cream. According to the directions, if I use the cream for three months, I will never have to shave again! Imagine the joy of not having to shave for another Saturday Morning Inspection! We were finally indulged with another massage.  

Elephant Ride – I have been very keen in wanting to ride an elephant since I arrived in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, once I saw the elephant I felt extremely guilty. The elephant seemed very unhappy and tired. Nevertheless, the elephant ride itself was great!
Sigiriya, the Lion Rock – Sigiriya is a unique landscape city, created in the 5th century by King Kashyapa embracing a 200 meter rock out crop and its surrounding with nature driven architecture composed of building, pathways, terraces, ponds, paintings and sculpture. There are more than 1000 hand written poems on the mirror wall written by visitors to Sigiriya from the 7th – 14th century. The UNESCO declared this a World Heritage site in 1982. I believe the total steps to the top were 1,321.

Dambulla Rock Caves – here we saw another scared temple located outside the city of Kandy. There we saw the Golden Temple and the Rock Temple.

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