Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ben in Ecuador - Week 2

Week 2
This week was much like the first in that we had a cooking and dance class like before, but this week we went to the banco central for our tour. This tour was mainly about indigenous life and Incan practices. We learned that when they would shrink heads, they would sew their lips together because they believed that their souls would escape through their mouths. Our next weekend excursion was el Cajas parquet nacional which is upwards of 10,000 feet in elevation. Our hours of hiking were fun, but it was definitely a struggle because of the altitude. We walked around with a guide for the better part of the days and it was essentially just a day-long hike. We definitely got some great pictures though. The next day our host family was generous enough to take us to their cabin in the mountains. It was only about half an hour away, but the view was completely different. They told us that Susana’s brother rents out cabins on his property to people who want to stay there for the weekend or however long. The brother provides food, transportation, and everything. I couldn't help but observe how giving the Ecuadorian people had been so far.
Behind Banco Central
Mountain House View

The three amigos
Professor Bahk, me and my roommate

The Cajas group

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