Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nolan in Sri Lanka - Week 4

Week 4

Olympics in Sri LankaAs my time in Sri Lanka is coming quickly to an end, I spent one afternoon with two new friends, Chris Weatherby of England and Darcy Sutton of Australia. So what would three guys do on an afternoon in Sri Lanka? Well, each of us is fairly athletic and enjoys competing. Therefore, with a tennis court, ping pong and pool table easily accessible, we decided to have a miniature Olympics in Sri Lanka. I must note that the tennis court was awful but after a couple of games I got adjusted to the clay, mud and rocks mixed together. Unfortunately the outcome was not as I hoped but I had a fun time. Congrats to Chris on his great playing.

First Friends Preschool
With my third and final week at the preschool, the staff and I were pleased to welcome two new volunteers, Kieron Robinson and Georgena Jennings who are both from England. Throughout the week they did a fantastic job working with the children. This week the children worked with numbers, colors, letters, dances, music and paintings. On Tuesday, the teacher had a doctor’s appointment and was unable to make it to school. This left Georgena, Kieron and I to lead class on that day. In my opinion, everything went great and according to plan. Kieron and I lead the class with teaching numbers while Georgena taught reading during “English Time.” I’m picking up a lot of great teaching techniques like tracing numbers and alphabets by hand before the children write independently.  Later in the week a great musician came to First Friends Preschool and sung songs with the children. He did an amazing job and the children really enjoyed his music. This week I also spent time working with the lower kindergarten class which was very exciting. We also celebrated the birthday of one of the upper kindergarten children. Happy 5th birthday Senal! 

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