Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ben in Ecuador - Farewell

Final Day
We had our going-away sendoff with the school that last Friday. Our whole Citadel group went with our teachers to a café nearby and held our conversation class there. It was slightly sad seeing as we had bonded with all of these people for the past month, but most of us were very ready to get back to the States. Our group of friends later went to our hangout La Hamburguesa. We just couldn’t escape the American food. We said our final goodbyes and headed to the airport with Susana and Fernando. The adventure back home was long and tedious. We had to spend the night in the Quito airport which was rough, but we made it somehow. Joe and I both then had another long layover in Panama where we parted ways. When I reached Houston I was incredibly excited just to hear English spoken regularly again. It was an extraordinary trip, and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to learn culture and the Spanish language.
Final Send Off

Our local hangout
One of my favorite memories

Parque Central

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