Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ben in Ecuador - Week 4

Week 4
This week’s excursion was at the local zoologico in Cuenca. Here we saw all types of animals. Some I’ve seen in American zoos, others not. We saw a puma, lions, and Andean mountain bear, many monkeys, and many birds. We also saw tigrillos or ocelots which came right up to the gate and licked my friend’s hand. Another strange run-in was with the monkeys. The owners let the smaller monkeys roam free around the zoo, so they were not afraid at all to come up to the humans. A member of our group held out a banana to one of the small monkeys and the monkey proceeded to jump on his back and scream until he gave it the banana. It stayed on his back until it was good and satisfied with eating the banana and then it jumped off and went on its merry way. Another unsanctioned excursion was our trip to eat cuy. Cuy is a delicacy in Ecuador, which was strange to us because cuy are pets in the states. The translation of cuy in English is guinea pig. The brave majority of the group made a reservation to a restaurant that served this dish and we all had a quarter cuy to ourselves. It was hard to wrap my mind around at first, but the meat is actually very rich. Though we all agreed, one quarter cuy is not nearly enough for a full meal.
Cuy on spits

Kissing the deer



At the zoo

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