Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Political Science in Naples, Italy: Quick Trip to Berlin Before the Last Week In Naples

So, now we have finally come to our last full week in Naples. Honestly, this trip has been an amazing experience. I have had multiple opportunities to learn more about different cultures and the refugee crisis. It has also been interesting to see how our classes correlate so well with the actual volunteer work we are doing here. Learning more about human rights and development on this trip has made it even more interesting to be around people coming from poorer and war-torn countries. The cultural immersion that I’ve had on this trip is truly amazing.

Not only have I been studying and volunteering in Italy, but also this past weekend I had the opportunity to go with a fellow cadet to Germany. The two of us decided to take a long weekend vacation in Berlin, since neither of us has been there, and we’ve both wanted to go for a long time. We had a great experience, since we got to see much of the city and historical areas. The first day alone we got an opportunity to see Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg gate. Throughout the rest of the trip, we had plenty of new experiences, especially with the German food and historical sightseeing. Germany was a great trip, and I appreciated the fact that we got a chance to experience German culture and history during this program.

Now we just have the final week left in Naples before this service learning trip is over.  During this week, there is still tons planned for working with the refugees. We have a few more tours, taking them to different castles and more of the historical center in Naples. I will still be working in the office a bit more throughout this week. However, I was told it should be mostly administrative work for the remainder of our stay. After that, I will be heading home this Saturday to enjoy a few more days of summer before reporting back to the Citadel.

For me, this experience was very interesting, and I’m glad I got to go on this trip this summer.

Christopher Niepsuj

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